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About Us

Established in September 2006, Jinan DaheWeiye Chemical Co., Ltd is a rapid-growing production & trade company. Located in beautiful Jinan city, we enjoy good location and very convenient traffic for we are situated near Mount Tai, Yellow River, Jiaoji Railway, Jinpu Railway, Jinghu Expressway and Jiqing Expressway.

Now, we are mainly engaged in the research, development, production and trade of fine chemical products, especially for the trade, research and development of all kinds of chemical materials, chemical products, chemical auxiliary materials, pharmaceutical intermediates, pigment & dye intermediates and chemical reagents, etc; we are working hard to offer customers satisfied and quality products. Through combining quality products with honest business in the period of trade and production, we commit to developing new products and updating present products continuously. Under the supports of well-operated sales chain, we do our best to meet customers' demands by offering high quality and stable-supplied products. At the same time, we are a famous agent and sales company in chemical market in the world, and our agent products and brand products are receiving high reputations in this trade too; we provide quality products for top manufacturers. With the trade of these quality products, we play a linking role in this industry, and then obtain broad market and became the business partner of a lot of companies and enterprises. 

At present, our products are well sold in over 30 provinces and regions of China, and we successfully become the agent of several multinational chemical companies in the mainland of China. Up to now, we have become a modern chemical enterprise integrating trade, warehousing, transportation, distribution and service; we also establish closely business relationships with leading companies in several industries. Moreover, we are an export agent of Chinese products, which now are well sold in Europe, America, Asia, and many other countries and regions.